Saturday, March 22, 2008

Constitutional Monarchy is the Best Form of Government.

At a later date I will go into more detail. At present I submit to you that the long range vision of a monarch is like that of a private property owner who has a vested self-interest in making sure that the nation remains wealthy. A just monarch is keenly interested in making sure that the citizens are cared for since it is their loyalty that makes the monarch viable.

The Constitutional part is key. The monarch is not the principal director of governmental affairs but he or she is the protector of the Constitution, guarding against socialism and fascism and the fallacies of democracy. Democracy, is the rule of the people but it is exceedingly short-sighted and leads to the plunder of the wealth of the nation to appease the politicians who are short-run caretakers intent upon enriching themselves for the short duration that they are in power.

As you can see, just like a monarchy is similar to a private property owner, democracy is similar to mob rule with a kingpin mobster in charge. They try their best to amass enough power to be able to challenge the other kingpin mobsters (called Democrats or Republicans in the U.S.) all the while enriching themselves and their kinfolk (political and corporate leeches). It is a form of nepotism.

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Zane said...

Nice post.

I am a monarchist who is animating the Monarch. Here is some video of me:

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I can't wait for you to expound further. I hope you don't mind if I quote you for my blog.


Anonymous said...

I agree. A constitutional monarchy without democratic institutions is the best form of government. I also believe that a supreme court should be instituted to uphold the rule of law. You've been reading Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Divine Economy Consulting said...

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is magnificent. With regards the supreme court, all the ones currently in existence are obsolete but in the near future a viable alternative will become evident.

Zane said...

Fredric Bastiat is the subject of some talk about the law in this regard: Audio (right click, save as or just click):

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Anonymous said...

Check out this video. A critical look at the results of the fall of monarchies around the world. As much as monarchies are often portrayed in a negative light, where they have fallen the result has been mass murder and oppressive dictatorships on a scale without equal in the history of the world. From the concentration camps of Germany, the gulags of Russia, the reign of terror in France and the killing fields of Cambodia over and over again the loss of the monarch has meant unspeakable suffering and a monumental death toll for the peoples of the world.